Experience Water 2000

WATER 2000 is well known in the Soutpansberg, Levubu and Limpopo river irrigation scheme areas.  We are doing business with most of the large farming enterprises in these areas.  We specialise in the design and supply of irrigation systems for all seasonal and permanent crops

What we do at Water 2000


We have a fully stocked irrigation shop to supply all your needs.  We have more than 25 years’ experience in irrigation products; we stock pumps, filters, fittings, pipes and all ancillary equipment from small household water supply projects to large irrigation and water reticulation projects.  Our friendly staff has all the skills to supply you with the right equipment at the best price.  We also deliver material right to your site.

Professional Irrigation Design

Our irrigation design team is highly skilled.  We will commence a project by sending out our surveyors to do a thorough survey of your planned irrigation project.  After surveying our engineering team, which consist off a combination of qualified Mechanical and Civil engineers, will plan and design your new irrigation system using the best software technology that is available.  We are highly skilled in the design of pivot, micro sprinkler, dripline, ultra-low-flow dripline, fertigation and automation systems.  Our design aim is always to supply our clients with the most energy and water efficient solutions.

Once the design is complete, and you as the Client are satisfied, we supply detail design drawings, bill of material and quotations.  We also assist you with consultation during installation or we can even supply, install and commission your large project.

Construction & Project Management

Our team has vast experience in the Construction and Project Management of large water reticulation projects.  We can assist you with implementing a full turn-key project or serve as a Consultant, Project Manager or Supervisor.

Solar & Energy Efficiency

Our design team are passionate about supplying our clients with renewable energy solutions to power your irrigation system.  We will optimise your water system to enable solar irrigation and we can further design, supply and install a complete solar solution.

WATER 2000 is continually improving their working corps by providing in house and external training on a regular basis.  All engineering design is done by qualified and experienced in-house engineers.  Our surveyors, sales consultants and admin staff are all vastly experienced.

Please get in touch to secure an appointment at your earliest convenience.